5 Self-Care Habits For Your Daily Routine

5 Self-Care Habits For Your Daily Routine by 4steps4

Quarantine has made our lives more challenging these past few months, but we shouldn’t let our current situation take control over our improvement. Everyone struggles with being consistent in many things, especially if the task at hand may seem dull.

Some might have slacked it off, but to those who won’t give in so easily, here are five self-care habits that you could do for your daily routine!


What Is Self-Care?

Anything you do to take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically is called self-care. The action should promote happiness and health for you, and it inspires you to continue a delicate relationship with yourself so you can pass on to other people the good feelings you feel.

You can’t give others what you don’t have. It may be hard to reach your goal if you lack traits that may help you achieve it. Self-care enables you to discover things that you didn’t imagine you could do and help you become a better version of yourself.


5 Good Self-Care Habits

  1. Go outside
    Getting your daily dose of morning sunshine can help your body’s internal clock and may also make you fall asleep easier at night. Light therapy lamps may serve the same purpose.
  2. Follow a ritual
    You may start your routine with light tasks and work your way to more complex functions as you go on. Your brain will think that the following procedures may also be accessible.
  3. Avoid coffee
    Caffeine takes 5 to 6 hours before leaving your system. Avoid drinking caffeine after 10 in the morning, which may cause you difficulty in sleeping later at night.
  4. Organize your spaces
    Avoid doing your work tasks on your couch or bed because these are two different things. Keep your workspace away from self-care spaces to keep yourself at the right place.
  5. Manage your screen time
    Avoid using any device with a screen 1 hour before bed. Create a wind-down ritual where you make time for self-reflection, meditating, personal hygiene, and preparation for tomorrow.


Aside from the habits mentioned above, you may add your own that brings you comfort and calmness. Stay consistent with your routine, even if it seems challenging. Your hard work will always be worth it.

Lack of motivation may block the path to finishing your routine, but you are the only one who can break that barrier. Find a way to be back on track even after being buried below feelings of boredom.

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