9 Recession-Proof Careers

9 Recession-Proof Careers by 4stesp4

Choosing a career is probably one of the hardest parts of being an adult. Especially if you are one of those people who desire to do so many things in life. I, for instance, have a lot of dreams when I was growing up. So, when the time that I had to choose which path I have to take, it took me quite a while to decide which one among the other options is the one that I was going to pick.

Lucky are those who already know what they want to do even before they went to school. However, there are cases that even though you thought you have already decided, there will come a time that you will still feel lost in the middle of your journey towards your dream job. Because of this many reasons, it can really be daunting, finding the perfect career for you — the one where it can cater to your needs and the one where you will feel fulfilled.

Why career is important?

The majority of us raised into thinking that we need to find a job that will sustain our needs and will make us financially stable. So, even before we enter adulthood, we are already aware of the fact that having a job and a stable career is really an important part of our lives.

In many ways, careers will not only make you provide for yourself or your family but there are other reasons why having a job is important — it gives you a sense of self-accomplishment, a sense of security, and an identity.

However, a lot of things have to be considered when choosing a career, not just the ones mentioned earlier. For instance, a job should be recession-proof because, in the midst of a crisis, of course, you would want a job that you can keep. In this post, we would help you find some of the recession-proof careers that you might want to try.

What is recession-proof?

In Economics, a recession is a general decline in any economic activity. This is most common to occur when there is a problem with the financial status, a natural disaster, or to make it relevant — in the times of the pandemic like what we are having right now.

The term recession-proof means that even in the midst of a crisis, a job, an industry, or a company can still function. It simply means that a certain industry can still progress even when there is an economic problem arising.

The recession-proof careers:

Here is the list of the 9 recession-proof careers that will help you in deciding which career path you should take.

Social workers

Social workers are working with people to help them find different solutions to the problems that they are facing. Mostly, they are almost everywhere, may it be in schools, corporate offices, hospitals, mental health facilities, and several public and private sectors.

What they mainly do is to help the families, individuals, and different groups of people to solve their problems by finding possible solutions. With that, these people, even in times of crises are needed in our community. This is the reason why being a social worker is one of the recession-proof jobs that you can opt to.

There are several types of social work. Here are some of them:

School Social Work

School social workers are the connection between the school, students, families, and the community that provides unique knowledge and skills to the education system of the school that they are working at.

These people mostly work at different private sectors — focusing on assisting the child in terms of academic, mental health issues, behavioral problems, giving positive behavioral support, and providing counseling and therapy sessions.

Child Welfare Social Work

Sadly, one of the most common issues that families face nowadays is child abuse and neglect. This where child welfare social work will fall in. They are the ones responsible for resolving conflicts between each family most especially when it includes child welfare.

These people serve as the bearer of knowledge about the safety of the child and how families are supposed to provide a nurturing and loving environment for their children.

Healthcare Social Workers

Hospitals are probably one of the scariest places in the world because we often lose our loved ones in this place — fighting illnesses, the ones who got into an accident, and other causes of our loved ones passing. With that, we need people who can support and be there for us in times of sorrow, trials, and grief especially when we don’t have other people to turn to.

And healthcare social workers are often the ones who provide psychosocial support to those who are in need. They help families to find caregivers for instance or other personal and social factors that are affecting the wellness of the patient.

Mental Health Professionals

Another one of the most common problems arising nowadays is mental health problems. Many are fighting and suffering from different mental disorders and illnesses. And these types of problems are happening across the globe, even in the most remote places of each country.

Mental health social workers are the ones providing support and care to those people suffering from mental disorders and illnesses. They are responsible for helping the patient in every way possible like getting them into a therapy session, counseling, and other benefits that they can have.

Senior Care Providers

As we age, little by little, we are becoming incapable of taking care of ourselves properly. A sad thing to think about, but this is the reality there are people who do not have someone who can take of them. No matter what time or crises arise, senior needs proper care and a safe home to stay.

This is the reason why some of the elderly are being brought to different nursing homes or homes for the aged. This is why being a senior care provider is one of the recession-proof jobs that we can recommend.

In these institutions, senior care providers are the ones taking care of the seniors living under there — providing their daily needs, helping with paying bills, cleaning, and cooking or preparing foods.

Medical Professionals

Our community needs health facilities twenty-four seven. No matter how difficult the time is, even during natural disasters or in this case, a pandemic. Medical professions are one of the most recession-proof jobs.

Most medical professions can thrive even when a crisis arises. It is because doctor, nurses, and other healthcare providers are one of the most essential parts of our community — they help and saves people in need.

Pharmaceutical Industry

No matter what the state of our economy is, people will still be in need of over-the-counter drugs and medications. This is the reason why pharmacists and other pharmaceutical professions are recession-proof.

For the longest time, this has been considered as one of the most recession-proof industries because people are normally in need of medical care in order to protect themselves and to survive.

Physical Therapy

Since this is another medical need, physical therapy is one of the considered recession-proof jobs there is.

They provide comfort and relieve pain to those who are experiencing extreme pain with their muscles, joints, and bones. They help people to function better and also play a big role in the process of healing.

Substance Abuse Professionals

In times of uncertainty, and disaster, our mental health is also at risk. The stress and the panic that the times of uncertainty can bring to us can really have a bad effect on us. This is also when people are more vulnerable and would often find comfort in different things like intaking different substances.

Since this is very common to happen, even at times of recession and crisis, substance abuse professionals are still needed. It is because they are the ones who could provide assistance to people suffering from such problems and issues.

Law Enforcer

Cops, patrols, detectives, investigators, agents, and other law enforcement jobs are most needed in times of crisis. They are the ones who can help provide peace, protection, and safety to the people in their community.

Since they are one of those who are working for the public, they are rarely affected by the recession, no matter how much impact the recession has on society, law enforcers still get to keep their jobs.

Public Utility Workers

Even in times of natural disasters, crises, or even recession, people still need their basic needs. These are electricity, gas, water, internet services, etc. And people who are working in these companies and industries tend to keep their job even at times of uncertainty.

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