The project idea platform 4STEPS4 was created in the moment when due to circumstances several people of different ages, professions, and interests spent longer periods of time together. This brought together their knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and interest in one fascinating and extremely vast project; 4STEPS4.

Why 4STEPS4?

Four steps for…


There are many situations, moments, decisions when people are trying and deciding to start something new, to change habits, to improve the general quality of living. Usually this looks like this: you decide, take the first step, the enthusiasm holds it all together for a certain period, and then you give up. What a pity!

Just remember the diet in January, the annual membership for the gym, the decision to save money, to learn one more language, etc.

One humorous quote once said by a friend is striking: “Who says the problem is to stop smoking? I stopped at least 30 times!” The cause of this is hard to define but, normally, it has something to do with difficulties in getting out of your comfort zone, your habits and yours rituals. It has a lot to do with the lack of perseverance! Seeing that this has happened to many people it’s very easy to conclude that it’s not at all that easy. This is why the idea of 4STEPS4 was born! If every decision, job, change, progress is clearly planned and divided into 4 steps or phases, everything becomes more simple and direct.

The first step is always defining the problem that we wish to solve, the progress that is to be achieved. A detailed analysis and a clear view of the current situation are the basis for change or repair!

The second step, after a close analysis, is a detailed look at the options and ways to achieve the desired goal. It is said: “If you get on the wrong bus, all the stops on the way are wrong!” While the first step must be made and decided individually, the second one is achieved by asking for all the help that is available around you! We hope that the 4STEPS4 project will be one of the strong aids.

The third step is when everything is ready and you can begin with the realisation of the planned activities; consistently, persistently and tenaciously! It’s good if in this period you have someone who will keep you highly motivated and with a clear focus.

The fourth step is often neglected, but refers to the period when the desired or partial results are achieved. It is then necessary to make a clear examination of the situation, eventually making certain modifications and, by all means, sticking to the achievement. You will continue to grow and thrive.

It may sound complicated, but many of us have tried and it really works.

Seeing that we come from different sectors; pharmacy, medicine, finance, architecture, art, sports, gastronomy, each of us has defined one segment where this kind of thinking can be useful. This is how our basic 4 categories were created:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Health
  • Wealth

We are sure that if we all make certain changes in habits and improvements in these 4 categories, we will achieve a fantastic improvement in the general quality of life!

Therefore, we can certainly say that our goal is for everyone to try to reach their desired goal in 4 steps or simply: 4 STEPS 4 better life!

Join us on our journey and become a part of our diverse and growing team!

4Steps4Lifestyle eBook​

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Join us on our journey and become a part of our diverse and growing team.