Make Your Tan Last Longer In 4 Easy Steps

How To Make Your Tan Last Longer

Tan is a rise in dark cells or brown cells on the top layer of the skin. Unfortunately, those cells are dropping off every day. The cells are grinding down, which is a type of organic exfoliation, and as they fall apart, so is your tan. That’s the primary factor why the tan is shredding down.


Tips to Try Out

If you want to prolong your shade, you’ve got to work out how to slow down the shredding. Follow these pro hacks to help your tan skin last longer, whether your tan is naturally sun-induced or results from a lotion or spray. Here are four pro hacks to do this.



1. Preparation

For tip number one, it is all about preparation. You’ve to be sure your skin is ready. Before you even come in for your spray tan appointment,

Make sure to wax it and shave before you tan. Plan any other beauty services ahead of your fake tan. It will help you get all that old skin off and be fresh.


2. Exfoliation

You are advised to apply chemical exfoliants every day. Chemical exfoliants are essential aspects of keeping the skin smooth and balanced.

Many of the exfoliants prescribed by experts are colic acid or salicylic acid. If you want to prolong your tan skin tone, stop using such lotions regularly. There is also direct exfoliation, such as microdermabrasion. You’ve got to avoid microdermabrasion.

And note that shaving is an example of body exfoliation, but it is an exclusion. You don’t have to avoid shaving, but avoid using a razor blade instead of an electric shaver. It’s going to take fewer of the cells off. It’s going to help extend the tan the same thing that happens to men for shaving their faces. Often use the electric razor to clean your face if you’d like to boost your color.


3. Moisturizer

The next thing to exfoliation is using moisturizer. Every day, hydrated cells come out much slower than dry cells. Dry skin means cracking off or flaking off that makes your spray tan look like crap skin. So you have to moisturize. Whatever choice of moisturizer you like, feel free to use it regularly.

Here is a key in moisturizing. Just assure that you are using a good-quality product for your skin. Make sure you avoid ingredients like mineral oil, petroleum, and everything that has alcohol, sulfates, and parabens in it. That’s because those things are going to make your skin dry.

The more you moisturize, the more you are putting that protective barrier on your skin to prevent your tan from fading.

Also check our our Article about peptides and why they are great for moisturizing our skin!


4. Tan Extender

What it does to your skin is to moisturize it more. It also contains DHA in it. DHA is the main ingredient that tans your skin. It helps your skin to stay intact and not flake off as easily or come off as quickly.

It is advantageous to make your skin hydrated and give you a little extra color boost to help your tan look darker for longer!


There you have the four pro tips to keep your tan last longer for you to enjoy. Make sure to keep in mind those things mentioned above to enjoy and prolong your tanned skin, it is also perfect to have tan skin with blonde hair. Never forget to Prepare, Exfoliate, Moisturize, and Apply Tan Extender for more extended and perfect tan skin!

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