How To Start Living A Purpose-Filled Life

When we were kids, we lived a worry-free life. All we had to do was play, eat, sleep, make a mess, learn, and kiss mommy and daddy. When asked what we wanted to be when we grew up, common answers were: doctor- so I can save lives; teacher- so I can educate the youth; policeman- […]

The 4 Foods to Avoid Before Bed

After a long and tiring day at work, your brain and stomach are probably telling you that you need some comfort food. It’s perfectly fine to reward yourself with a ‘good’ supper and dessert after a hard day’s work, right? But do you know that what we refer to as comfort foods are usually characterized […]

How to Find a Path that Speaks to You

“You have to get lost before you find yourself.“ A quote from one of my favorite John Green books. At the beginning of my journey to adulthood, I have come across some difficulties in finding which is the right path for me. Sometimes, we think that once we finish our studies, everything will just fall […]

A Daily Men’s Skincare Routine You’ll Actually Follow

Get in the Habit with this Easy-to-Follow Skincare Routine for Men To many men, skincare seems unnatural and- they won’t admit it- intimidating. You might have been looking at your partner’s Cosmo guide, and thinking it’s a cult you probably won’t catch yourself dead in, or you’ve been up and down your local drug store […]

8 Benefits of Stretching That Will Convince You To Do It Daily

Stretching when you wake up or after sitting for long hours feels so good, right? This is because muscles become tight and lose tone with the lack of movement. Your body fluids then tend to accumulate on your back or butt, and stretching helps get the blood flowing and awakens your muscles. Whether or not […]

Essential Oils to Help You Fall Asleep

difficult time getting enough sleep at night by 4steps4

Sleep is a luxury that money cannot buy. And nothing makes me feel more frustrated than not being able to fall asleep at night! Why is it that even after a long and exhausting day, your body is tired- yet it refuses to let you go to dreamland? Or you’ve finally gotten yourself to sleep […]

4 Exercises to Live by When Working from Home

easy home workouts by 4steps4

Working from home indeed comes with a lot of perks! You get to enjoy more snooze time, plus you save yourself from the hassle of commutes, crowded public places and long queues. In case your work does not entail video calls, you can even work from home in your pajamas, so you can skip the […]

How to Unplug from Technology When You Need a Break

4 Ways to Spend Your Technology Time-Out by 4steps4

Technology has made it easier to digest various information in no time. However in reality, what we classify as online engagement might actually be turning us into victims of doom scrolling. Doom scrolling is when you spend an ungodly amount of time staring at your phone and reading through negative news. So while technology has […]

The 90-Day “No-Spend” Challenge that Helped me Saved $10

The 90-Day “No-Spend” Challenge that Helped me Saved $10 by 4steps4

We are all aware that it’s not easy to earn money. We constantly have to work, spending the whole day at the office, and some of us sometimes even have side hustles just to provide for ourselves and for our families. Bills after bills, plus the groceries, and of course a little bit of money […]

8 Ways To Hack Your Brain For Better Sleep

8 Ways To Hack Your Brain For Better Sleep by 4steps4

Have you ever had an awful experience wherein you couldn’t make yourself fall asleep? Or you managed to fall asleep but kept on waking up in the middle of the night? Isn’t it frustrating? Most especially when you have something important to do the next day, or worst if you have work the following day. […]