4 Questions about Cigars with sobercigar.co.uk

4 Questions about Whisky

With John Strange
Founder of TheSoberCigar

1. How can I improve tasting different cigars to identify them better?

  • Neutralize your palette of any bold or conflicting flavours before you light the cigar. Pair your cigar with a complimentary drink, think dark wrapper dark drink, light wrapper light drink as a rough guide. Smoke slowly, don’t overheat your cigar as this will give the cigar a burnt and bitter taste. Smoke cigars of all strengths and origins, to develop, refine and broaden your taste profile.

2. How do I get started in making my own cigar collection?

  • Start off with an airtight Tupperware container (let it air for a few days to get rid of any stale smells that will infuse with the cigar.) Use a Boveda pack 65% or 69% to keep the cigars at the proper humidity and store the “Tuppedor” in a cool dry place. Once your collection expands, invest in the biggest humidor you can possibly afford as you will definitely fill it!

3. What are best combinations you can pair with cigars?

  • Everyone is different, but I love Ginger Beer, Japanese cherry green tea or just a good Americano. Having chocolate with a cigar, especially a dark wrapper like a maduro is very yummy!

4. How did you get started and into cigars initially?

  • I have smoked cigars for around 10 years. I started off like most people and was offered a dry old Cuban at a family party and whilst it was a poor example it caught my interest and I began searching for the best representations of cigars, both Old World (Cuban) and New World (Rest of World.) I prefer to smoke New World, but appreciate a well rolled and aged Cuban.

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