How To Discover And Expand Your Personal Circle Of Influence

How To Discover And Expand Your Personal Circle Of Influence by 4steps4

Being around people prevents us from feeling isolated. However, being together is not just enough. You have to learn from each other and support one another. Because the truth is, the people around us bring a massive impact to our lives. And we, being part of their lives, can also make a huge impact on their personality. So the question here is, is your personal circle healthy? Or is it toxic?

In this article we’re going to talk about how you will influence your personal circle, and how you will discover and expand it.

What is a circle of influence?

When choosing the people who will belong to your inner circle, you have to connect and mesh with each other. Meaning, if you are the type of person who’s always up to big things, the people who belong to your inner circle mostly have the same mindset. But if you’re a person who doesn’t like too much pressure, you pretty much surround yourself with the same energy. Introverts like introverts. Extroverts like extroverts. That’s how it goes. Opposite energy usually creates clashing energy. So if you want to have a harmonious circle, choose people who have the same intention, principle and mindset as you are.

How will you know your circle of influence?

Everything starts with you. If you know yourself better, you will know what energy you’re looking for in a circle. And if you do know yourself deeper, you have the obligation to influence your personal circle positively. This way, your relationship will get stronger and all of you will have the chance to grow as a person. So first, discover yourself to know what energy you’re looking for in your personal circle. Secondly, make sure you are controlling and influencing your circle in a healthy way. Lastly, learn how you will expand your personal circle of influence so you will have more lives to touch.

How To Discover And Expand Your Personal Circle Of Influence

To better give you a clearer picture of what you have to do, I will divide it into two important aspects:

How to discover your personal circle of influence

Be an active listener

To discover your personal circle, you have to be a good listener first. This will open your heart and mind to different perspectives. You cannot let people in your life, if you won’t give them the chance to show you who they really are. Be an active listener by not just listening to what they are saying, but by understanding deeply what they are trying to tell you.

Taking full responsibility

When discovering your personal circle, you have to be ready to take full responsibility for your actions, words and thoughts. People will come and go, only the best ones will stay. So make sure that you hold yourself responsible for choosing the people you’ll surround yourself with. You have the full power to take control of your energy, so choose your personal circle wisely. If you decide to either involve them in your life or cut them out, take responsibility for your decisions and never blame others.

Have vision and passion

As previously mentioned, your personal circle must be aligned to your principles, intention and mindset. Meaning, you must have a good vision to your personal circle that involves good intention. You and your circle must help each other, rather than take advantage. You must find your passion to know what you’re really looking for in a circle. Let’s say that your passion is handling business, your circle will mostly be people who are also passionate in handling business. That way, you’re helping each other.

Be a man/woman of word and integrity

People rely on those they can trust and depend on when things go wrong. If you want to discover your personal circle, you have to be a person who’s firm on doing what s/he says, even when no one is looking. This way, you will attract rightful people in your life.

How to expand your personal circle of influence

Now that you’ve finally learned how to discover your personal circle, it’s time to expand your influence to them.

Be an empathic person

Your circle will grow through support. And if you are an empathic person, you will attract more people into your circle because everyone needs someone who will understand them, and be with them when they feel alone and troubled.

Have continuous learning

To expand your circle in a positive way, you have to share things that will either contribute to their personality, or break through their hardships. But you won’t be able to do that if you don’t have enough knowledge or experience to share. And one way to do that is to continue learning in life. How? Don’t be afraid to take risks, make mistakes and get out of your comfort zone. Experience is the best teacher.

Hone your skills

Your skills are your strengths, so make sure to refine, enhance and share them. Your personal circle needs comfort and help from one another. Their strengths will be your strengths, and your strengths will be their strengths as well. Treasure your skills because that’s your uniqueness – something you’re absolutely good at. And sharing that to your inner circle will surely give you a genuine relationship.

Bring out the best to them

Now that you’ve identified your skills and shared them with your circle, it’s time to encourage them to do the same. Push them in a good way so they will do their best in everything they do. Your personal circle will expand if you do this kind of influence on them because everybody wants motivation. It’s up to them if they will follow your track or not. What’s important is you show them you care.

Appreciate your circle

None of these won’t matter if you don’t appreciate your personal circle. In order to expand and grow together, care and appreciation is very important. You will attract the right people if you value them and show them you care. Do this by socializing with them, creating good memories and remembering important events to celebrate. Always remember, the heart that appreciates is a happy one.

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