What Plants to Buy for Your Apartment

Here are the Plants to Buy for Your Apartment

During these tougher times, staying indoors is now more advisable if not a must. Despite being indoors, there are still hazards and most of them are not seen by the naked eye. Chemicals like formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, benzene, and xylene that can be found in cleaning supplies, air fresheners and the like. These chemicals have also been proven to be dangerous to the body especially if there are pets or babies since their bodies are more vulnerable to these harmful chemicals. A safer alternative for air freshening are plants. Some plants provide with air freshening and as well as being low maintenance and overall décor for the house. Here are some examples of indoor plants you can buy for your apartment/house.


1. Bird’s Nest Fern.

This plant not only looks cool but also has low maintenance since it can thrive in places with not much sunlight and with humid places therefore it can be put anywhere and is mostly put in bathrooms since it’ll have its optimal environment there. The plant also been known to filter chemicals like formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene like said earlier are found in cleaning supplies strengthening the point that it is put in bathrooms. Lastly, this plant is also pet friendly so it won’t be that much of a harm or no harm at all if your pet accidentally eats this plant.

Bird’s Nest Fern


2. Peace Lily.

This plant on the other hand needs more maintenance unlike other indoor plants since this plant thrives on being in a bright shady environments and need to be moist but not to the point that it is over watered. The optimal environment of this plant is in the bedroom since at night this plant produces oxygen unlike most plants that produce it in the morning. This plant also removes ammonia, formaldehyde, and benzene

Peace Lily


3. Monstera Deliciosa.

Like the Bird’s Nest Fern this plant is also eye catching thus it’s a good design for indoors. Another good thing about this plant is that it also has low maintenance since it can be watered every one or two weeks only and it is a plant that also doesn’t need direct sunlight for it to grow but it does need medium or bright light. The benefits of this plant is that it is one of the most effective air freshener since it reduces harmful chemicals like Benzene, and formaldehyde.

Monstera Deliciosa


4. Rubber Tree.

Rubber Trees are sort of plants that are good for beginners since they can handle being under-watered and under maintenance. They also need bright light like the other plants. It also needs space for it to grow more freely and it removes carbon dioxide which is good if in bustling environments with a lot of carbon dioxide.

rubber tree


Overall, plants like these are not only helpful with beginner plant keepers, they are also good for designs and decoration. It might take a while for some plants to grow or it may be high maintenance but from the benefits it would make the homes a healthier place to live on. Although be wary that most indoor plants are not safe for consumption for pets since it may cause complications and even possible death. When buying be sure that the plants that are not pet-friendly out of reach. If the plant is safe for pets then be sure it is still out of reach but if in case they got their hands on it and ate some it won’t deal them much harm


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