Best 4 Booty Exercises

4 Best Exercises For Firmer Glutes


Stronger glutes are good for you, they prevent the overcompensation of smaller muscles and help you stabilize your entire lump pelvic complex. Strong butt muscle improves your speed and protects you from having lower back and knee injuries.

Work the proper muscles in doing these exercises. Perform each movement for 30 seconds and rest in each round.


1. Frog Bridge

To do the frog bridge, lie face up and place the sole of your feet together. In doing this form, allow your knees to fall open like you’re doing a butterfly stretch and engage your core muscles and glutes. And drive your elbows to the ground when you lift your hips a few inches from the ground and when you bridge up. You have to squeeze your butt tight when you do the lift and contract. Finally, lower your butt back down to your original form.


2. Side Plank Clamshell

Prop your body with your left arm, elbow stacked below your shoulder, and your right hand in front. Place your right leg and foot on top of your left leg. Form a 45-degree angle by bending your knees. Put your right hand on your hip and lift it from the ground, and drive it through your knees and left forearm. Raise your right knee and keep both of your feet touching each other. Engage your butt muscles to start the movement, and squeeze them as you lift. Move your right leg to meet the left, and lower your hips back.


3. Bird Dog

Do a tabletop position, standing with your hands and knees, place your wrists below your shoulders, and knees below your hips. Stretch your right arm forward and your left leg behind. Maintain a flat back, and your hips in line with the floor. Tighten your abs and draw your left knee and right elbow to the center of your body. Try this with the other arm and leg.


4. Straight-Leg Fire Hydrant

Start with a tabletop position. Stretch your right leg straight out to the side. Use your butt muscles to raise your right leg to your hips. Make sure your legs are straight and lower them in slow motion. Do this movement with the other leg.


If you’re thinking of ways on how you can reach your fitness goals, do these four butt exercises. They will help you achieve a round and toned booty and will also give you stronger glutes.

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