4 Skin Boosting Tea Skin Care Experts Swear By

4 skin boosting tea skin care experts swear by

Nowadays, there are too many skin care products in the market that are said to have various skin benefits. Some people believe that the more expensive the skin care line is, the more effective it will be. Well, this is not entirely true because we have different skin types. Meaning this product might work for me, but won’t work for you. And in order to find the best skin care routine that you can stick to for a long time, you’ll have to go through trials and error first.

But don’t fuss. There is a better way to give your skin a boost and glow, without spending too much fortune. Today, we’re going to talk about the wonders of incorporating tea to your skin care regime.

Why choose tea?

Tea is a versatile beverage that has been with us for many years. It can either be used as a traditional drink or as a skin care too. Either way, it has many positive effects.

When drinking tea:

  • You are protected against cancer.
  • Combats signs of ageing.
  • Repairs damaged cells.
  • Packed with vitamin B2 which improves skin appearance.
  • Rich in Vitamin E that nourishes and hydrates the skin.
  • Reduce sebum and bacterial growth, therefore lessening clogged pores and acne breakouts.
  • Fights free radicals.

When applying tea to skin:

  • Can reduce skin irritation and discoloration.
  • Helps soothe sunburn and minor lesions.
  • Aids in lessening the irritation or pain caused by psoriasis and dermatitis.
  • May help treat keloids and swelling.
  • Adds extra moisture to your skin which slows down wrinkle appearance and prevents dryness.

Now that you are aware of what teas can do to our body and skin, you’ll understand why some people opt to make DIY tea masks instead of buying skin care products in the market. And it could also be the reason why some people prefer to drink tea in the morning rather than other beverages.

Teas have plenty of variants and each one of them has different uses for each skin condition. Below are the top 4 skin boosting tea skin care experts swear by.

4 skin boosting tea skin care experts swear by

1. Green tea

I know you wouldn’t be surprised to see green tea in this list because green teas are said to be the most popular and in-demand type of tea. Several skincare products are equipped with green tea because of its high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it can also be your ally in combating UV rays, oily face and acne breakouts.

Good for: puffiness, redness, oiliness and breakouts.

2. White tea

White tea has a strong capability to fight oxidative stress which causes your skin to look pale, dull and lifeless. This is because white tea boosts the immunity of your skin cells which also contributes to younger looking skin. Additionally, it also repairs your skin after too much exposure to sunlight.

Good for: dry and dull skin due to stress.

3. Rooibos Tea

Or commonly known as Red Bush Tea. A type of tea which supports not just your skin, but also your hair health. Continuous use or drinking of this tea will definitely give you a fresher face and shinier hair which will give you an incredible glow up. Rooibos tea also contains alpha hydroxy acid that is present in some dermatological skincare products.

Good for: reducing the appearance of aging and premature aging.

4. Chamomile tea

Chamomile teas are not just helpful for a good night sleep, but they are also extremely helpful to eliminate puffy eyes and dark circles. And if you’re having trouble sleeping, brew yourself a cup of it and apply some on your skin to effectively reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

Good for: dull skin, puffy eyes, dark circles.

How to use teas as skin care

  1. Green tea and white tea as daily sunscreen and moisturizing toner – on a spray bottle, add purified water and green/white tea crystals. Give it a good shake and spritz all over your face before applying your usual sunscreen. Do this before you go outside, to make sure you are protected from the sun. Also, use it as your daily toner to keep your face hydrated and moisturized all day.
  2. Tea as your great alternative for facial scrub or mask – on a bowl, using the crystals of your preferred tea, mix it with unpasteurized honey and olive oil. Blend the ingredients carefully until you reach the right consistency that is enough to be used as a mask. Gently spread the tea mixture on your skin, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water, then wipe with a clean towel. Try to touch your skin and you will feel that it’s smoother than before.

When making facial scrub – again use the crystals of your chosen tea, mix it with unpasteurized honey and olive oil. But this time, you will need coarse sugar. Sugar are good natural exfoliators which makes them great facial scrubs. You can add more sugar if you want for more exfoliation. After you scrub and rinse everything off, you will notice that you have lesser white heads, black heads and dead skin cells.

Advice when applying tea boosting skin care

  • Do a spot test first to see if you have tea allergies. Because sometimes you are not allergic from it upon drinking, but allergic when applied to skin.
  • Do not mix your DIY tea mixture with your skin care products. Like adding tea crystals to your store-bought moisturizer, toner, sunscreen etc. The ingredients may not be compatible with each other which may do more harm than good to your skin. So instead of doing this, apply each product one at a time. You can start applying the DIY formulation, then followed by your regular skin care product.
  • If you have severe skin conditions, it would be best to consult a health expert or dermatologist first to assess your condition, before you apply anything to your skin.
  • To make sure your skin absorbs all the nutrients, you have to be dirt-free. That is why health experts recommend applying skin care after bathing or washing your face.

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