The Daily Routine For Maximum Productivity and Creativity

The Daily Routine For Maximum Productivity and Creativity by 4steps4

Ever believed in the saying “small details means a lot?” Well, successful people do. Why? It’s because you’ll never accomplish bigger things if you can’t progress on the small ones first.

Life is never easy, especially adulting life. This is the time you have to make major decisions, the time you are always pressured towards reaching your goals, the time that you’re always confused whether you’re doing the right thing or not. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, we’ve all been there.

Let’s get one thing straight, in order to reach your goals, you have to be as productive and creative as possible.

What to expect in the contents of this article:

  1. Knowing why you have to be productive and creative.
  2. Why routine is important.
  3. The daily routine for maximum productivity and creativity.

Why be productive?

When you’re productive, you grow as a person. This is because productivity helps you meet your obligations and increase competency. Imagine doing nothing – no challenges, no progress, no development. What will happen to you? You’ll be much like a tree. Always stuck, never moving anywhere. You won’t change into a better person, you won’t improve, you won’t discover your potential and you won’t be forced to see that you are capable of doing something greater.

If you’re feeling challenged, motivated or pressured, you do things to break through that situation. That is where productivity occurs. And once you surpass that challenging moment, you’ll feel better.

Why be creative?

Being creative forces certain parts of your brain to work for brain functionality. This includes curiosity, problem solving and creative thinking.

Also, being creative serves as a good exercise for the brain. If your brain constantly practices creativity, you will have more self-confidence because of sharpened problem solving skills. In addition, being a creative person makes you more open-minded, enabling you to see things in a bigger picture.

The two may seem like two heavy roles to bring off. You may be wondering, which one should go first? Should you focus on being productive or being creative? Or should you do both? The answer is quite simple, have a daily routine! But as simple it may sound, frankly it will be difficult to do since it involves the word ‘daily’. And when you say daily, you have to be consistent on doing it everyday.

If you’re not a fan of routine, this part will tell you the importance of it in our daily lives.

Why is routine important?

  1. Creates a clear sequence in your life so you will know which ones to prioritize first and which ones you can do in later time.
  2. Helps you save time and energy. As you may have observed, when you are not organized, you procrastinate a lot. And when you do, things start to pile up. Then eventually, you will find yourself too rushed to finish your tasks. The results? Never good! At the end of the day you will feel exhausted, still left with unfinished tasks. Incorporating daily routines will help you prevent exhaustion and waste of time.
  3. Guides you to break your bad habits in order to make way for good habits. Since daily routine helps you prioritize things, you will be able to carefully distinguish bad habits from the good ones. After all, your goal is to be productive and creative. And the best way to do that is to accomplish your daily routine.
  4. Reduce stress. If you ‘consistently’ do your routine on a regular basis, you will live a stress-free life compared to those days when you are unorganized.

Now that you finally connect the dots from productivity, creativity, to daily routine, it’s time to put all these three together.

The daily routine for maximum productivity and creativity

1. Have a planner/schedule

Not a fan of planners? Well, you’re not alone, many people don’t too. But at least have your daily organizer or schedule. Yet, if you have busy days ahead, too many errands to do and few places to be, having a planner is a must. Having a schedule or planner will prevent you from overlooking daily tasks and important events.


2. Always be tidy

When we were kids, our parents (especially our mom) always told us to make our bed, clean up our toys, fold our clothes, and so on. And these tasks we learned from childhood should still remain in practice even if we’re already grown ups. Face it, it’s really hard to focus with a messy room, and it’s really hard to concentrate when there’s too many chores. Always be tidy so that you’ll avoid the feeling of overstimulation. Trust me, you’ll be able to focus easily and even sleep well with a clean space.


3. Balance work and freetime

The reason why many people experience burnout is because they don’t know how to properly balance their work from their free time. One should be able to practice proper work-life balance and self-love. Yes work or business is important, but freetime is also essential. In fact, freetime (or me-time) is more important than the two. Make it sure that you have at least a day or two in a week (if you’re really busy), to do all the things you love. If you want to go outside, do it. If you want to have a vacation, go ahead. Or if you want to just be a couch potato for a while, then by all means do it! Doing this will make you feel refreshed before going back to your daily, normal routine.


4. Stay healthy physically and mentally

Of course none of this would be possible if you are mentally drained and physically exhausted. So in order to avoid these two, both of your mind and body should be healthy. To have a healthy mind, always stay positive, let go of the negative people, don’t hurt people, and socialize. While having a healthy body means you have to exercise, get enough sleep, eat nutritious foods and drink healthy fluids.

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