Health For Men: How To Improve It?

4 Key Steps To Improve Male Health According To Dr.

The majority of the male population doesn’t usually seek medical services unless they’re sick or having a medical emergency. In fact, a whopping 80 percent of the male population less likely to use primary healthcare than women. But did you know that males are at higher risk of developing cancer than females? According to the National Cancer Institute’s data, there are about 150,000 new additional cases of cancer in men every year. This means regular check-ups are very important to prevent this and other illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart diseases. If it’s been a while since you had a preventative care check-up, you might need to consider visiting your doctor. A lot of diseases and health conditions don’t usually show obvious symptoms but can put you in a life-threatening situation such as heart attack or stroke.

Aside from eating healthy food, keeping yourself active and ditching harmful habits like tobacco and too much alcohol are some of the basic things you can do. Getting a regular check-up is also a must, but with the current pandemic, how can we still keep ourselves healthy since going outside put you at risk of catching the virus too? Below are 4 steps on how you can improve your health especially during this pandemic.


1. Protect yourself.

It is important for your overall health and well-being to protect yourself from physical injuries. Use helmets, gloves, seatbelts, safety glasses, and even sunscreens to keep yourself safe. When going outside, make sure to use a facemask and always carry a hand sanitizer. Make it also a habit to do frequent hand washing. And most importantly, don’t go outside unless it is EXTREMELY important.


2. Protect your prostate.

As you grow old, your prostate grows too. You may have noticed that your urinary habits have changed and may have experienced urinary problems too. You can lower your risk of having prostate cancer or enlarged prostate by eating a balanced and nutritious low-fat diet.


3. Avoid or manage stress.

It is recommended by doctors to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep, so make sure to get plenty of rest every night. Pay attention to your mental health too – keep a positive mental attitude, do something you enjoy, or do some meditation. If you’re an extroverted person, this quarantine can take a toll on your mental health too. Since it is still unsafe to do some outdoor activities, try some new hobbies like baking (yes, baking isn’t just for women!), arts, or anything that can help you improve your mood.


4. Get regular check-ups and screenings.

Men have unique needs in healthcare too, just like women. Regular health check-ups and screenings aren’t just for protecting your health but also a way to help your doctor understand your overall condition. It is easier for a physician to treat your condition effectively when he/she knows your medical history. Make it a habit to ask your doctor what are the necessary screenings you need to undergo based on your lifestyle and age. But make sure appointments through phone calls beforehand to limit your exposure outside.


As of the moment, there are 8.92M confirmed COVID-19 cases and the majority of these patients have prior health conditions. This led to the conclusion that paying attention to your health must be a top priority. So listen to your body. And most importantly, seek medical advice. After all, your health is your wealth.

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