Homemade Hummus: How to Make it Taste Great?

4 Ways to Make to Your Homemade Hummus more Interesting.

One of the great basic needs of man is food. Our relationship to food is the most vitally important factor in our world. Food unites people, a component which brings people together in ways that most other element cannot. It conditions our health, economy, culture and even our waistlines.

Food lovers of the middle eastern world are passionate about food and cooking. They love to create dishes, desserts, or drinks for themselves and others to enjoy. They are food enthusiast who gives importance of balance diet to our health more than taste or flavor.

Hummus is an ancient food developed in middle east. It is a dip, spread, appetizer and even a dish and a common part of everyday meal of the arabic and western world as well. This delicious and nutritious food is made of chickpeas and blended with preferred ingredients. One can be innovative and inventive to manipulate this humble hummus to make it more nutritious and appealing to one’s eyes and tongue.

The following are four ways to make Hummus more interesting:


1. Combine hummus with guacamole.

Guacamole is a pureed or mashed avocado seasoned with condiments. It is a dip, spread or salad originated form Mexico. To combine hummus and guacamole is like marriage made in heaven. These two dips really compliment each other. The outcome is a perfect, super creamy, vibrant green avocado hummus extremely healthy dip and spread.


2. Add beetroot.

To add boiled or raw beetroot in the preparation of hummus is a wonderful surprise. The texture and the bright colour of beet root adds vibrancy to hummus. This bright and creamy, flavourful and nutritious combination is really a great delight to one’s palate and sight.


3. Add roasted chickpeas on top.

Roasted chickpeas as toppings to a chickpeas based hummus is a double treat to an epicure. The sweet aroma of roasted chickpeas elevates the flavour profile of hummus significantly. This toppings enhance the beauty of hummus.


4. Raw vegetable instead of crackers for dipping.

Hummus is a protein and nutrient-packed dip that goes well with different raw vegetables such as carrots, zucchini, cauliflower, bell pepper and many more. Truly, the list is endless. There are countless variation depending on one’s preference. Surely, you will get a great crunch and a tons of nutrition from it.


Hummus is a crazy versatile dish. It’s suited well with bread, crackers, eggs, fruits and boiled, grilled or raw vegetables. It adds vigor to every food you want to eat.
Hummus is a super food because it is a excellent source of protein- the building blocks of body tissue and serve as fuel source. It also delivers a myriad of benefits for the mind body and soul. It helps the body fights illnesses and diseases, helps digestion and intestinal health, boost energy and many more health benefits.
Truly, hummus is a gift from nature for humankind to enjoy. One can innovate, invent, experiment and bold enough to manipulate this dish to make it tastier, lovelier, and more nutritious food to enjoy.
Hummus gets on well with everything and everyone!


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