5 Self-Care Habits For Your Daily Routine

5 Self-Care Habits For Your Daily Routine by 4steps4

Quarantine has made our lives more challenging these past few months, but we shouldn’t let our current situation take control over our improvement. Everyone struggles with being consistent in many things, especially if the task at hand may seem dull. Some might have slacked it off, but to those who won’t give in so easily, […]

Level Up Your Money Mindset

Level Up Your Money Mindset by 4steps4

Happiness and success depend on each person’s mindset. Your mindset can affect and influence everything in your life — from your thoughts and actions, all the way to your feelings. To secure success in terms of finances, you must first establish a healthy money mindset. There is a vast difference between dreaming of becoming rich […]

De-Stress with these 4 Key Meditation Step

De-Stress with these 4 Key Meditation Step The mother of all diseases of the body is stress. Stress is a tension of the emotion, body and mind. It is your body’s natural reaction to an extreme challenges, demands or pressure. Prolonged exposure to stress without proper management can lead to a condition called distress. Distress […]

Top doctor check-ups every man should do after the age of 50

Aging is inevitable and despite all technological and scientific advancements, humans have not been able to stop it. But still, most of the diseases and health complications are preventable and controllable if a person takes care of his health at regular intervals. They say age is just a number, well it may be true. If […]

Make Your Tan Last Longer In 4 Easy Steps

How To Make Your Tan Last Longer Tan is a rise in dark cells or brown cells on the top layer of the skin. Unfortunately, those cells are dropping off every day. The cells are grinding down, which is a type of organic exfoliation, and as they fall apart, so is your tan. That’s the […]