Istria, Croatia: Discovering the hidden gem in Croatia

Istria, The Hidden Gem of Croatia

It is once said that a real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. And for sure anyone’s eyes will pop open when they get to see the heart-shaped peninsula of Istria in western Croatia. Its rare and diversified beauty, stunning medieval hilltop villages, and spectacular coasts are a testament that the world is incomprehensibly beautiful.

Sometimes, the best sleepy old-world villages are hidden gems that we didn’t know were out there. So here are our top things that you can do in Istria:


1. Go For Dinner Next to the Sea at La Puntalina in Rovinj

There is an old saying stating that if you want to understand a different culture, the best way to do so is to eat the food from their table. And dinner by the sea at La Puntalina is by far the finest sunset and seafood in the Adriatic. Romantic and simply amazing.


2. Day Trip to the Island and Natural Park of Brijuni

Well, sometimes in life, all you really need is one splendid traditional boat ride into the tropically fine islands of Brijuni National Park. While sightseeing wild animals in the park, an enormous set of Mediterranean feast is waiting to be savored by you.


3. Explore Rovinj with the Bike

Riding along the bike paths away from the busy main roads is already satisfying. But riding along with the beautiful view of the beach and overlooking the vastness of the sea is just phenomenal. Not to mention the authentic old town beauty of this fishing port on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula.


4. Go See Pula and its Roman Ruins

There are many well-preserved Roman monuments that can be found in Pula. To name a few, there’s the amphitheater. Because what would Roman’s urban settlement be without a place intended for a great show? You will also find ancient doors, temples, and arches. All are just waiting to be admired.


Istria is indeed a hidden gem of Croatia. It is both highly and lowkey recommended for the interests of the general tourists. The peninsula is incredibly diverse in very short distances. You can drive to Zminj, Rovinj, Pula, Porec, Buzet, Rabac, Vrsar, and many beautiful places. Istria is a perfect destination if you want a calm and relaxing holiday full of excellent food, grand festivals, breathtaking islands, and to make it short, Istria is stunning.

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