How to Cook the Perfect Steak?

All of us just love cooking and want to be satisfied with the results, especially when cooking a tender, tasty steak. Well, when cooking your meat, instant cooking and careful attention should be paid, regardless of your favorite, whether it is an onglet, rump, thrifter cut like bavette, flavored packed sirloin, or butter-soft fillet steak.

Timing is important when cooking your perfect steak since it’s just a few minutes’ leniencies between well-done and rare. To help you with this, here are some tips for you.

4 Tips To Cook The Perfect Steak

some people might tell you that serving the best steak is a sort of a skill that not everyone can achieve, and some think it’s pretty quick and easy. To help you achieve the cooking skill, follow these tips, for a delicious steak you can eventually cook, regardless of the occasion or family gathering.

1.Choose your steak

The steak cut that you want to use depends on your budget and specific taste. Different cuts can have differing levels of flavor and tenderness. you must know what to consider from every cut of the steak to prepare it perfectly. If it’s a rump steak, onglet, flat-iron, rib eye and tomahawk, fillet, Bavette and flank steak, T-bone, Sirloin, you cut the steak, choose whatever you like.

2.Choose the best pan for your steak

It is recommended to fry your steak for home cooking, although you can grill it when you want. As for a heavy frying pan or cast-iron skillet, a thick-based, heavy-duty frying pan can produce the best outcomes.

If the pan you’re using is not big enough to cater to all the steaks you want to cook, don’t be pressured to fit them all at once. Since steaks must be cooked in a spacious pan.

3.Choose the best seasoning for your steak

Before cooking, prepare all your seasoning, since without them your steak might lose its moisture, and becomes dry. Most people would want to enhance the tenderness and flavor of the meat with a marinade, and balsamic vinegar, such as a mustard and honey coating, which makes a sweet coating.

Once the steak is being cooked, most of the chefs add robust herbs such as rosemary and thyme, and an entire garlic clove, which gently adds additional flavor to the steak, without overpowering it. To make it perfect, choose the best ingredients and seasonings for your steak.

4.Check your room temperature while cooking

Choose whatever you want, whether you like your steak practically cooked on the plate or dry like a bone. The standard level of doneness according to some food critic or those who took the cooking course is half-cooked. It’ll be tasty and tender if you’re doing it properly, and should melt in your mouth.

In time, you can already determine if how cooked a steak should be. Due to the different thickness of the steak’s cuts, each steak has a differing cooking duration. For its most accurate outcomes, use an automatic meat thermometer.

On a wooden plate or board, consider placing your steaks, cover it loosely using a foil and make it rest for around 6-7 minutes just before cutting through the serving or grain. Resting will allow the cooked meat to relax a bit, and its juices will eventually return to the fibers of the meat. So it means that, whenever you’re cutting the meat, the juices would not spill out over the plate and will result in a more delicious and perfect steak.

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