The 5-Minute Clean Skin Care Ritual That Has It All

The 5-Minute Clean Skin Care by 4steps4

Curious as to how you will maintain your clean skincare ritual in a short amount of time? This article will show you the magic of a 5-minute clean skin care ritual that has it all.

In terms of skin care, there are two types of people: one is the “I-got-all-the-time-in-the-world type”. And the other is the “ain’t-nobody-got-that-time-for-that type”. Well, the first one spends 10-15 minutes (or maybe more) on their regular skincare.

While the second one knows that s/he needed a skincare, but doesn’t have plenty of time to do such. These types of people spend 5 minutes or less on their average skincare regimen.

You may be wondering, 5 minutes of skin care? Is that enough? Are the rituals complete? Fortunately, yes! Read further to know all about it.


5-minute clean skin care ritual that has it all

In matters of skin care, you need two rituals. The morning ritual and the night time ritual:

  • Why is it important to have a morning skincare routine?
    Morning skincare will help prepare your skin for the day ahead. It will also serve as your skin’s shield from dirt, pollution, environmental damage and stress. Just think of it as your daily vitamin.
  • Why is it important to have a night time skincare routine?
    Night time routine is as important as the morning routine too. Because during the night as we sleep, our skin cells repair, rebuild and renew itself, therefore actively growing the new skin cells that are being removed during daytime. Everything you put onto your skin during night time will be absorbed simultaneously with the repairing process, as you sleep.
  • Both morning and night skincare rituals can contribute to reducing or delaying the signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles. It will also prevent the clogging of pores, dryness or oiliness of the skin.


5-minute morning clean skin care ritual:

    1. Wash and cleanse
      Before you apply anything to your face, make sure you wash it first. This will make sure that your face is oily and dirt-free once you proceed with your daily skin care rituals.

      • Facial wash – water is a great cleanser, but it would be better to incorporate facial wash to make sure there will be no traces of dirt and excess oil left. Because sometimes when you wake up in the morning, you will feel or notice that your face is being too oily. So a good facial wash is what you need.
      • Exfoliate – exfoliating removes dead skin cells that are causing your skin to look dull. Doing so will also assist your skin care products to penetrate deeper into your skin, while preventing acne and breakouts. But do not over exfoliate because you will damage the outer layer of your skin, making it too dry. Which is why it is advisable to exfoliate 3 to 4 times a week only.
    2. Toner
      If you have oily skin, toner is your best friend. And if you have visible pores, toner might be your best solution. Toner refreshes and hydrates your skin, making it less oily. It also helps minimize your pores while retaining moisture, giving your face a polished, fresh look. Not to mention, preps your skin for effective absorption of other skin care products.
    3. Serum
      You may have heard of serum many times but don’t really know the benefits behind it. Serum magically transforms your skin and heals damaged surface. It is also your ally in combating stress and lifeless-looking skin. Most importantly, serums are highly effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as preventing premature aging.

      • When using serum in day time, choose a Vitamin C serum to prevent free radicals.
    4. Sunscreen
      Most people neglect using sunscreen on their skin care routine because they don’t really see the importance of it. When you go outside during day time, you are exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun. The use of sunscreen is to protect your skin from it and prevent sunburn. Using one also reduces your risk of skin cancer and helps to avoid inflammation, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation and redness.
    5. Eye cream
      Our eyes need special care because it is thinner and more delicate than the rest of our skin. And since our eyes are more fragile, they are more vulnerable to early signs of aging. Using eye cream will brighten dark circles around your eyes, especially if you lack some good night sleep. It also effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

      • When using eye cream in the morning, use a lightweight product. One that is not too thick and sticky.
      • Since our eyes are delicate, apply the product using your ring or pinkie finger, with gentle pats.
      • Avoid rubbing your eyes to prevent dark circles from appearing.


5-minute night clean skin care ritual:

  1. Wash and cleanse again
    Washing your face before you go to bed with your usual facial wash, eliminates all traces of dirt and oiliness that you accumulate during the day. It also removes the skin care residue you’ve applied in the morning, to prepare your skin for night skincare absorption.
  2. Toner
    Toner during the night refreshes your face from all the stress and free radicals you’ve had during the daytime. It also aids in reducing fine lines and wrinkles to help prepare your skin for overnight repairing, so that you’ll wake up fresh and glowing.
  3. Serum
    The importance of serum in daytime is also the same at night time. You can use a different serum at night if you prefer, one that is not Vitamin C. Serum is a powerful anti-aging. And when applied at night, it allows the ingredients to work more effectively for skin repair and rebuild.
  4. Facial mask or Detoxifying mask
    Overnight facial masks are designed to help your skincare ingredients penetrate and effectively be absorbed by your skin as you sleep. It works by shielding your skin from dirt, dust and breakouts by closing your pores and locking away active ingredients to seep into your skin all night.
    Detoxifying masks on the other hand, deeply clean pores and absorb all impurities.
  5. Eye cream
    Applying eye cream during the night will be your final skincare touch. This will help your eyes prevent having dark circles and puffiness as you wake up. If you wonder why some people look like they just had a good night’s sleep and beauty rest in the morning, it’s because they always use eye cream as their regular night skin care ritual.

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