The Invisible Enemy: Pollution

Main Dangers of Pollution and Main Steps to Fight Against it while Living in a Big City

Living in the city has a lot of benefits, although, with all the commute, traffic and high-rise buildings; smog so happens to build up and pollution becomes our number one enemy. With all the impurities in the air, it should be our best intention to make sure that our body can stay in tip-top shape to keep up with the fast-paced city life. Known side-effects of pollution consists of lung cancer, heart disease, and various respiratory diseases. It can also cause long-term damage to the nerves, kidney, and brain. However, the city life can still be enjoyable if you just know how to play your cards right!


City Survival 101

With city living, it’s important to make sure that you are still able to adapt, unwind, then breathe fresh air to keep yourself healthy. Here are 4 tips in how to survive living in the urban streets:


1. Indoor Exercise

One of the best ways to survive in living in the city is having healthy lungs! Even with the environment outside may seem unappealing to do physical activities, there’s always indoors to do those warm-ups and cardio to keep your lungs in good shape. From simple jumping jacks to using treadmills, there are so many ways to keep fit!


2. Think Green, Be Green

House plants are your best friends! Not everyone has time to go to the park to get that fresh air so why not bring the fresh air to your home instead? Don’t be intimidated with the maintenance that comes with taking care of houseplants, with so many varieties to choose from, you are bound to find a houseplant that will suit your home conditions!


3. Wear a Mask

For extra protection against the heavy smog, face masks will be your best bet. Disposable face masks like N95 or surgical masks can do the trick! To utilize these masks to their full extent is to wear them properly by making sure that you are wearing the right side and that you are wearing it with the right fit that snugly covers the nose and mouth.


4. Take Breaks on the Countryside

Too much exposure to pollution isn’t a good a thing, the best remedy for that is a mini vacation to the countryside! Not only are you able to release the stress from work and living in such a fast-paced environment but you are also able to give your body the rest they deserve from being over-exposed to such harsh environment.


Living in the city comes with great opportunities and accessible places but it comes with the price. Knowing how to survive the city life means a healthier and better way of living which also opens even more opportunities whether it is work, social life and the like. The big city won’t be as intimidating now that you mastered the secret of living in the city!

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