4 Must-Have Workout Playlists

4 Must-Have Workout Playlists

Exercising on a regular basis is one of the golden rules in keeping a healthy and well rounded life. Some days though it can feel like a chore. However, with the right backdrop, your work out sessions can become a more enjoyable experience. Here we talk about some of the must-have playlists to take with you on your next session whether you’re at home or at the gym.


1. 90’s Vibes

“There’s no school like old school.” 90’s pop music are generally cheerful and could help get you started . Spice Girl’s “Wannabe” can be a good warm-up to clear off the cobwebs of idleness. Upbeat songs trigger a happier disposition which then produces endorphins which are also known as “feel-good” chemicals, so we feel positive while exercising. With hip music from the 90’s, we can work out with more enthusiasm and fun.


2. Hiphop Jams

Sometimes, after working for hours or days on end, our muscles become stiff, making exercising a bit more challenging. A hiphop playlist can be a good way to loosen up mentally and physically because of its rhythmic qualities that you can relax into. Hiphop beats are a great measure for reps in your routines. Eminem’s “Till I Collapse” is a good example of a powerful metrical melody that urges a hustle in your work out session.


3. EDM Party

Music is such a powerful tool in conditioning our frame of mind. The way EDM, or electronic dance music, influences people is another must-have tool to create an awesome workout mood. Hype EDM patterns can sustain your mental fortitude to keep at your drills a little while longer. It sets your brain up for movement with its dynamic pulses. Beats like Tiesto’s “The Right Song” can crank up your workouts into a more partying spirit.


4. Rock Classics

Aggression is another way to trigger our brains for an energy boost. This can be especially helpful when the burn gets harder to power through and you need that burst of second wind. Rock music’s powerful instruments and intense vocals can trick your brain into tapping into that deep-rooted well of reserve energy for that one last push. AC/DC’s “Back to Black” is a great song to bring some intensity to pave your road to fitness with bit of attitude.


In summary, physical activities can be monotonous, however, there is a simple way to make things interesting simply by mixing it up with a little music. These 4 must-have playlists are a sure way to keep staying fit as exciting as possible. You can mix and pick from these and see what jives best with your personal brand.

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