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4 Questions about Luxury watches

With Matt
Founder of mtr-watches.com

1. Is a luxury watch worth the investment?

  • Some luxury watches can be a good investment but generally these watches can be very hard to get in the first place. Ideally buy a watch that you love because you love it and want to wear it and not for its potential investment value.

2. What is the general rule in picking a best fit of your luxury watch?

  • As I said above buy a watch you love and will enjoy wearing. Buy something that fits your style and lifestyle and don’t be swayed by what others think you should buy. A watch is a very personal possession and has to be something that makes you smile every time you put it on.

3. How does someone buy their first luxury watch?

  • There are many ways to find the right watch for you. There is usually an extensive AD network and online retailers as well as extensive used market. Depending on the piece your interested in they will be a number of ways to find the perfect watch for you.

4. What are your 4 favorite watch brands?

  • My favorite brands include Rolex Seiko JLC and Omega

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