Magnesium Will Help You Sleep Better!

4 Key Reasons Why Magnesium will Improve Your Sleep

Sleep is a basic necessity of life. Our body needs sleep just as we need oxygen, food and water to function excellently. Every time we sleep, our body heals itself and restores chemical balance. With insufficient sleep, our brain and body won’t function well. Doctors recommend seven to nine hours of sound sleep nightly. Too little sleep may lead to numerous health problems, from weight gain to a weakened immune system, memory issues, irritability, high blood pressure, diabetes and many more.


Sleep problems have become a modern epidemic that is taking toll on individuals’ bodies and minds. Sleep deprivation leads to deterioration of mood and motivation, tension, fatigue, irritability, anxiety and depression. If you have been deprived of precious sleep for several weeks or longer, then you need help from doctor or sleep specialists. You may be given medication, devices, and advice to help you combat the disorder so you can get a better night’s sleep regularly.


Sleep specialist may recommend several options in treating sleep disorders. Some doctors prefer natural treatment such as herbal medicines, relaxation or calming music, exercises, meditation, acupressure and many more. Vitamin supplementation such as Magnesium is of great help in sleep management nowadays.


According to sleep experts, Magnesium is an important part of the more than 300 enzymes found in the body, these enzymes are involved in processes that help to regulate many bodily functions, including the production of energy, body protein and muscle contractions. Magnesium also plays a role in maintaining healthy bones and a healthy heart; also it is proven to help regulate a goodnight sleep.


4 Reasons Why Magnesium is Good for Better Sleep


1. Our body and brain need to relax in order to fall asleep easily and stay asleep. Magnesium helps activate Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), the neurotransmitter that are responsible for calming the body and the mind in preparation for sleep.


2. Anxiety and depression are two disorders that can cause sleep problems. Magnesium could enhance antidepressant treatment and possibly treat anxiety because magnesium has the ability to stimulate the calming devices of the nervous system contributing to deep, restful sleep.


3. Magnesium is found to be effective in helping people with restless leg syndrome combat night time insomnia. Magnesium reduces the number of RLS incidents per night, contributing to better quality of sleep overall.


4. Magnesium provides better overall cognitive well-being, including improvements in mood and sleep and lower stress levels.


Mother Nature has provided mankind all the faculties to make us healthy physically and psychologically. Sleep is one of these provisions which can be enhanced by the use of magnesium in order to achieve longevity, peace and health.

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