4 Ways Your Food Choices Matter

4 Ways Your Food Choices Matter by 4steps4

As we all know, food plays a very important role in our everyday lives. We need food to survive and it is also where we get our nutrition from. But nowadays, food consumption is becoming an issue. Why? Because we now exist in the modern era where ‘almost’ everything is processed. We no longer live in the days where we can just hunt animals for food or pick vegetables anywhere.

And not just that, food is becoming a major issue when it comes to population and health issues. You are not just the only person living on this planet, which is why our food choices matter.

If you’re still wondering about the impact of food choices and how it really matters, here are four lists of it:


4 ways your food choices matter

1. For positive effect on planet

The way you choose your food can negatively or positively affect the planet. And between choosing, we all want the positive effect, of course. But how would you really do it?

Way no. 1: Start choosing foods that are organic.

You may think that opting for organic foods are more expensive because celebrities are mostly doing it. But the truth is, moms, pregnant women, health-minded people, and sustainable locals are the top consumers of organic foods more than celebrities. It’s because these people truly appreciate and understand the real importance of organic foods.

Why choose organic foods?

  • It beneficially transforms one’s individual health because it contains no artificial additives.
  • It eliminates the process of harmful chemicals and pesticides, therefore positively affecting the planet.
  • Supports environmental-friendly organic farms.

Furthermore, when you buy organic foods, you are also helping the local people who produced the food. You get to interact with them and favorably contribute to their compensation.

2. For balanced food pyramid

Do you still remember what we learned in school about the importance of the food pyramid? Just to remind you again, the food pyramid shows us the importance of a ‘balanced diet’ which relates to a healthy diet. Let me ask you, are you following the food pyramid? Are you eating balanced? Because if you’re going to look at the food pyramid, you should be eating more fruits and vegetables than meat. However, some people eat more meat but less fruits and vegetables. And in other cases, they don’t even eat vegetables for a day. Or some will only eat greens and fruits once or twice a week.

Meaning, diet is not balanced. And if your diet is not balanced, you are not living healthily. Which will result to health complications in the long run.

Way no. 2: Make it a habit to balance your diet. Don’t forget to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables to your meal. Also, balance meat consumption. Don’t just always eat pork or chicken, eat beef and fish too. Don’t just eat cheese and dairies, eat potatoes and cereals too. Additionally, drink milk and lots of water. All of these will help you live longer and healthily.

3. For prevention of food scarcity

Food scarcity is one of the major global issues. Families and kids in other countries are starving and dying because of lack of food supply. And for what reasons? Food waste and commercialised foods.

Way no. 3: So in order to contribute to this global problem, avoid wasting food. How? Do not overbuy. Buy fresh foods and eat them immediately, do not let them rot. Cook only what you can eat. And stop buying bulk foods or go panic buying if not needed. These will prevent foods from getting thrown in the trash can. Always remember, some people are dying of hunger, so think a hundred times before throwing away that food. Don’t be greedy, gluttony is a sin.

4. For longevity and healthy life

‘You are what you eat’. Although this saying is already too mainstream and you may have heard it a million times, the issue is, are you actually following it? Do you really believe in it? Maybe yes you do, but you’re not being serious about it.

We all know how to eat healthily, but frankly we’re not doing it properly because we love to eat! Since foods are innovating, we are being surrounded by luscious desserts, mouthwatering beverages and juicy deep fried foods that are too hard to resist. And just so you know, deep-fried foods contain a lot of health risks… If you are cooking it wrong.

Way no. 4: When deep-frying, choose lard oil. Lard oil is a natural type of oil which contains the fattiest portion of a pig and was used centuries ago for frying foods. But right now, it is replaced by hydrogenated vegetable shortening. What is that? It is the processed oil that we are using nowadays, which contains trans fat. And trans fat is the leading cause of heart attack and obesity. This explains why people centuries are living longer than generations today, because they use natural oil instead of a processed one.

But not to worry, it’s not the end of the line for us. Because lard is regaining its popularity nowadays because of its health benefits. Not to mention it has less saturated fats and cholesterol than butter. And even though it is a healthy, natural oil, it has a high smoking point, making it perfect for frying foods.

One more thing, it’s not just the deep-fried foods that you should be minding. You should also pay attention to your sugar consumption. Cut down your sugar intake by replacing white table sugar into honey or a natural sweetener. And instead of drinking soda as refreshments, blend fruits to make a thirst-quenching smoothie.

If you’re not sure whether the food you are eating has trans fat or high sugar content, always check its nutritional facts.


– Your food choices will affect not just your health, but also the environment you’re living in. In addition, it can contribute greatly to the planet for better living.

– There are four ways to effectively accomplish your food choices: choose organic food, balance your diet, stop wasting food, choose lard oil and cut down sugar intake.

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