Books For The Perfect Coffee Table

Our 4 Favorite Books to Add Style to Your Coffee Table

Coffee table books are oversized, hard-cover books that are a staple to any home and offer a nice touch to any room.

It’s often placed in areas where people can entertain guests or pass the time.

However, coffee table books are not only decorative books, but also insightful and inspiring books to read.

Most coffee table books discuss real-life people, events, landscapes or subject matters shown through captivating photos and accompanied by short narratives.

Since these books are intended for light reading, narratives are simple with less analysis and jargon unlike other books.


What makes a good coffee table book?

The best coffee table books not only showcase an eye-catching cover, but also provide information on different perspectives.

Consider the following when looking for a good coffee table book.

  • Brings insight. Good books bring value and information to their readers. Choose one that offers a different angle about a person, event, nature, and more.


  • Easy to digest. Unlike other books, coffee table books tell their story using illustrations, photos, and short narratives to make it easy to understand.


  • Offers captivating photos or illustrations. It’s all about great photos that offer great insight about the subject.

If you’re looking for a good coffee table book, consider keeping one of these great reads.


1. Slim Aarons: Women

In this collection, Slim Aarons features the high society women who influenced his work and life. It also includes personalities such as Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn featured in unforgettable photos.

With over 200 photos, Aarons showcases beautiful women in amazing locations around the world.


2. Kate Moss by Mario Testino

Kate Moss by Mario Testisno is a must-have fashion coffee table book.

It’s an intimate photo collection of the world’s most admired fashion icon captured through the eyes of photographer and long-time friend Mario Testino.

The book provides insight into the lives of two of the world’s style leaders.


3. Annie Leibovitz: Portraits 2005-2016

American portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz captures the decade’s most influential and captivating figures in her third landmark book.

The book features famous actors, politicians, athletes, and even local inspirational figures such as Denise Manong, a woman with H.I.V. in South Africa.

Each photograph shows contemporary culture through Leibovitz’s artistic eye and wit.


4. Destinations of a Lifetime National Geographic

From Antelope Canyon in Arizona to Himeji Castle in Japan, National Geographic offers a photographic tour of the world’s most breathtaking destinations.

The vivid images of both natural and man-made wonders and useful information for each location will inspire you where to go for your next trip.


Coffee table books are beautiful and inspiring works of people, places, and events. There are also cheap coffee table books available that offer great illustrations from photographers and artists. Add coffee table books to any room as a decorative piece and as a great read for your guests.

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