How to Fold a Suit when Travelling

Fold Your Suit the Right Way


Travelling can be stressful enough, especially if it is business trip where results and time counts. Most business men travels in their best suit because dressing exudes confidence, power and worth. It commands respect, promotion or even win fabulous contracts for the company.

Packing and folding men’s suit or jacket is a very aggravating and tiresome task to do. It requires great amount of common send and skills to do it. Opening your suitcase to find a wrinkled suit can be a disaster. You may be short of time to have it ironed, or the hotel may not have these facilities. We need to avoid such scenarios.

So whether you’re invited as a sponsor to a wedding or as a speaker-presenter to a very important meeting abroad, it is but proper to present one’s self well-groomed and clean donned in a perfect crisp and wrinkle-free suit.

Some practical ways to fold suit when travelling:

1. Tucked-Shoulder travelling fold

This is a flat fold technique for a very limited space. Fold the suit on one shoulder inside-out, then tuck the other shoulder into it must be seam against seam. The sleeves lie straight down the suit one on top of the other, and make sure the lining of the breast panel is turned outward.

2. The Shirt-Style fold

This is the easiest way to fold a suit. Just quickly fold it over like a dress shirt. Tuck the sleeves behind the back, with the shoulder overlapping a little at the middle and the whole thing gets folded in half from the bottom. Then tuck the bottom hem up underneath the collar.

3. The Suit-Jacket Doll

To avoid number of folds; do not fold the suit jacket at all. Just roll it like a sleeping blanket or sleeping pad into a tube like fabric. Flex the shoulders and sleeves of the suit then curve the broad front and back panels into a huge roll and it’s done.

4. Sandwich the whole thing

Fold it in half from the bottom shoulder to shoulder, sleeves to sleeves and packed it away. If you really want crease-free suit, you can wear the suit while on board. There is no need to fold the suit, just wear it.

As much as possible, avoid folding the suit or jacket at all. If you do have to fold, minimize the number of folds needed, and try to keep them along the seams. The less you have to fold across a flat plane of fabric, the better. Always stow the suit with the lining facing outward, not the surface. If the lining gets scuffled, stained or torn during transport. It won’t show when you’re wearing it, whereas damage on the outside requires immediate repair and ironing. What you wear adds confidence and power to your personality.

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