How to Up Your Fitness Motivation

How to Up Your Fitness Motivation by 4steps4

Everybody wants a fit body. But the question is, how far would you go to achieve it?

Do you know people who keep telling themselves that their new year’s resolution is to workout and get a gym membership? Well, we all know some people.

Do you know someone who keeps telling their friends that they cannot exercise today because they have a lot of errands to fulfill, so they will just do it tomorrow, or the next day? I know someone too!

And do you know a person who keeps saying that the food is so delicious, so s/he will just do the dieting tomorrow? Guess what, I know a person too!

So as you can see, it’s all excuses. It’s all about them saying that they will just wait for the right timing or the right condition, until they won’t really have the moment to do it.

Your key to a successful fitness program is MOTIVATION! Because no matter how busy you are, if you want it, you can make it. But let’s all face the truth, motivation lasts for a couple of days, weeks, or months only. After you get tired or bored, that ‘motivation’ will slowly fade, until you don’t want to do it anymore because you forgot the main reason why you even did it in the first place.

Therefore, in terms of motivation, how would you really have it? And even if you’re already motivated, how long can you hold on to it? In this article I will tell you some tips on how to up your fitness motivation, so you will not end up frustrated.

How to up your fitness motivation

1. Have definite and clear goals

Know the reason why you do things. Before you start engaging in the world of fitness, ask yourself first, why are you really doing this? Is it just for your pastime? A temporary hobby? Or you’re being serious about it? Knowing the reason why you do this will give you a clear goal. Meaning, if your reason for working out is just for temporary, you can just do your fitness program anytime you want. But if your reason is for the long-term, your goal should be more intense and strict.

Do not expect to have a fit body in just 2-3 months if you’re only working out twice a week. You should understand that it will take longer than that.

2. Track your progress

Even if you’re not progressing too much, you should still keep a track of it. Small and slow progress is still progress. Since you have defined your goals, you should track your progress to see whether you’re improving or not. The results might take a while, but you should still see and feel results. Because if not, you may be doing something wrong or you’re not trying harder. In that case, you have to change your routine, program, lifestyle, or diet. Tracking your progress will be your self-evaluation, so be honest and don’t fool yourself. You can lie to everyone else, but you can never lie to yourself and to your body.

3. Focus on your goals and yourself only

There’s nothing wrong with having a person as your fitness motivation or body goal. But sometimes you get too obsessed with achieving his/her body that instead of being motivated, you’re becoming frustrated. Remember, you don’t know the real story behind their achievements. You’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg and there’s so much to do. Focus on your goals and yourself only. Do not live in somebody else’s body.

4. Enjoy it

One of the reasons why people quit too quickly and easily, is because they got bored of doing the same routine all over again. It is because they are not enjoying it and just think of it as a lame program that they need to do because of their obligations to themselves. If this is how you think, then yes, you will eventually become a quitter just like everyone else. So just think fun and enjoy. This way, you won’t easily experience burnout.

5. Be strict to your routine

Your critics are not your biggest challenge towards fitness. Your biggest challenge is yourself, your capability of becoming a well-disciplined individual. Since you’re the boss of your own, only you will be able to push yourself. And if you don’t push yourself, you won’t achieve anything.

In order to truly follow your routine, choose a time and place on which you’re convenient. You can change the time and area but never the goal.

6. Be optimistic

Fitness is not an overnight task. You have to invest more time, effort, discipline and sometimes money for it. Patience is your ally here. And even if it feels like the result is too impossible and the road is long, still try your best to be optimistic. Visualize your success and imagine your fitness result. And when you’re back on track, keep going, be consistent, and sooner you’ll reach your momentum. By the time you do, the result is already near. Once you see results, you’ll become addicted to it. And trust me by this time, motivation is not a problem anymore.

7. Find your fitness buddy

Ever believed in the saying, “surround yourself with those on the same mission as you?” It applies to fitness too. Find your fitness buddy on whom you can share your fitness goals and daily motivation. Finding a fitness buddy may also push you to intensively achieve your fitness goals in a positive way.

8. Reward your achievements

Have you heard of the term ‘cheat day’? You deserve it… But, only if you work hard for the entire week or so. You deserve a reward because you did a good job of being a responsible individual. This is the time you get to eat anything or do everything without feeling guilty, for a day. Just don’t do anything that can harm yourself or others. Fitness models spend their cheat day by eating foods that they like, drinking liquors, or sleeping all day. You know, anything that they cannot do during their fitness schedule. But once they resume their daily fitness program, they will all burn the carbs and unhealthiness away.

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