Eco-Friendly Travelling: How to?

4 Steps To Becoming More Environmentally Friendly While Travelling

Anyone asked with the question, “What’s on your bucket list?” always answers with traveling. It’s fun, fulfilling, and even healthy! Travelers know that traveling the world is not just about exploring new places, getting to know different cultures, and capturing beautiful sceneries. There are many things to consider prior to traveling and some of these are currencies, insurance, and deciding how you plan to travel. The latter is one of the most essential things to consider.

People are now opting for eco-friendly options when traveling and are willing to pay more for eco-friendly accommodations. Why is this so?

The impact of one’s carbon footprint contributes to the larger carbon footprint of the world. On a smaller scale, an individual carbon footprint also affects local environments and communities. Travelers have now become more environmentally conscious, and there is no reason that you shouldn’t be as well!

In this article, we will help you practice even the smallest efforts that could make a difference in lessening your carbon footprint as you travel the world.


Here are 4 easy and doable steps you can follow for eco-traveling:


1. Pack Light

This may seem like it’s too small of a green effort but it actually helps especially when all passengers in a plane are doing it! An airplane with a lighter load helps in reducing carbon emissions because it requires less fuel. The unnecessary weight caused by things you don’t need must be avoided if you want to pack light. Not only does this encourage eco-traveling, but it also makes traveling easier for you. Packing light means no more waiting for luggage and lesser carbon emissions!


2. Choose Economy Class Flights

Choosing economy class also helps in emitting less carbon dioxide as business/first-class flights emit 9x more carbon emissions. In addition, first-class flights also utilize way more physical space and carry fewer passengers than economy class which carries more passengers, making it more efficient.


3. Always Bring Reusable Containers

Tumblers, tote bags, and food containers are examples of reusable containers. If you want to travel eco-friendly, having your own reusable containers is an essential. Single-use plastic is a big NO for eco-travelers! Avoid being one of the contributors to plastic pollution. Reduce plastic waste as much as you can by using these reusable containers.


4. Use Public Transportation

Commuting through public transportation surely alleviates your carbon footprint. It carries more people, reducing carbon emissions by private vehicles usually boarded by only 1-2 persons. However, if you’re aiming for the most eco-friendly type of transportation, then you should consider walking. Not only can you burn calories, but you can also get to explore the place and help the environment at the same time!


There are many ways to eco-travel but these 4 steps are the most basic and most doable. By taking these simple steps, you are helping the environment in your own way by reducing your carbon footprint. Now, traveling will be fun, fulfilling, healthy, and more importantly, eco-friendly!

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