The Exact Email Template I Used To Land A Job

Tips for job application

Landing a job is never an easy accomplishment. You have to submit numerous emails to different companies which includes your resume and sometimes cover letter. Not to mention editing each template before sending it to your desired companies. Since companies have different criterias for each applicant, you don’t want to sound like a robot who just copied and pasted the entire email template. You might miss out a very important detail, or include unnecessary details on which the company might think that you’re not making extra efforts for them.

But you’re not the only one who is experiencing the struggle. Even companies are having a tough time selecting the best candidates to work for them. With hundreds of applicants everyday, each one with good and fitting skills, who will they hire?

Which is why having a catchy and professional email template will give you a huge bonus point to land a job.

And guess what, I myself experienced the dilemma to land a job on companies that I really want to work for. I even reached the verge of giving up and just tried applying for a company that is way beyond my area of expertise. Until I search for email template examples over the internet. And from there I assessed that there are different email templates that you should use depending on your skills and the job description that you’re applying for.

Here are some tips I did and examples of email template that I used to land a job:

Tips for job application

  1. Always use a professional and separate email. During the time we created our first email for social media accounts, we want it to sound cute, friendly or feisty. This is something you do not want companies to see, right? So it would be best if you will create a professional email, one that is intended for job applications only.
  2. Put a relevant subject line. Recruiters will always read the subject line before opening the email. And if your subject line is not relevant, there’s a higher chance that they won’t read it. To do this, write your name, as well as the position you’re applying for.
  3. Use a professional greeting. Do not use greetings like “hi” or “hello” if it is your first time to email the company. It will sound too casual and unprofessional. Rather use ma’am/sir, or directly address the company (i.e ‘Dear Xyz Enterprise’).
  4. Make a brief introduction. Your introduction should be brief but meaningful. Showcase your skills, achievements and experiences (if you have), as well as why should they hire you. This way, you are deliberately informing the company as to why you’re a great fit for the position.
  5. Use formal closing. Same as number three, the closing should be as professional as the greeting. You may see emails that say “thanks” or “best wishes”, but this is not always applicable especially when looking for a decent job. If you’re not sure what to write for a closing, use “regards” or “best” instead.

The exact email templates I used to land a job

Template if you’re a fresh graduate or no job experience yet:

If you haven’t got any job experience or just graduated, do not be frustrated. I’ve been there and this email template is what I use to land my first job.

Example template:

Subject line: your name, position desired
Dear ma’am/sir or Dear (name of company),
I was looking for a reputable company to land my skills, and I came across your website/posting. I am interested to apply for the writer’s position and be part of your growing industry.
Based on my skills, I believe I will be of great contribution to your organization. In whichever field I enter to, I always excel because I’m competitive, hardworking and easily adaptable. These assets of mine will also be an asset to your company.
I have attached my resume for reference. Kindly take a look at it to see what more I can offer to your company.
I’m looking forward to showcasing my skills and sharing more about me. Hoping to hear back from you soon.
Your name
Email address
Contact number

Additional tips: you can attach certifications if you have any, some organizations you attended to, or hidden skills that you think would impress them.

Template if you’re an experienced applicant:

If you have previous job experiences, it will be easier for you to look for a company to work for. Usually, recruiters prefer applicants with job experiences. But take note, only include what is necessary. If you worked in a company for a couple of months or years, add it to your resume or cover letter. But if you only work for them in a short span of time, let’s say days, weeks, or less than a month, then it would be best not to include it. Instead, add more experiences and skills that would make them unhesitantly hire you.

Example template:

Subject line: your name, position desired
Dear ma’am/sir or Dear (name of company),
I have been a graphic designer for (number of years). And as a graphic designer, part of my job is to create and deliver quality layouts and concepts to my dear bosses/clients. I’m confident enough to say that the skills and experiences I gained makes me qualified for this position.
Most importantly, I meet expected deadlines and projects with no pressure, but with desirable results.
I have attached my resume, cover letter and job credentials for your reference.
I hope you will find my application interesting. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you and have a nice day.
Your name
Email address
Contact number

Additional tips: you can include some of the work samples you have, achievements you’ve gained or certifications you acquire to make your application more entitled for the position.


When writing email templates, always proofread and double check everything before clicking the send button. Because, once it’s out there, you can never take it back.

And let’s face it, you will just copy and paste the template when doing multiple applications. There’s nothing wrong with it, provided that you always check if you’re addressing the right person/company, if your resume or cover letter is updated, and if you include the important details then remove the unnecessary contents.

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