Our 4 Favourite Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations

Top 4 Environmentally Friendly Cities For Your Next Trip

Green travel is fast becoming the new norm among tourists and we couldn’t be happier that many cities across the globe have been rising to the challenge of becoming eco-friendly destinations. Now for a city to be considered eco-friendly, it must meet a number of requirements, such as encouraging sustainable construction practices, reducing energy waste, promoting recycling, and in many cases, having a high number of commuters who walk or bike. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some eco-friendly destinations across Europe that are worth a spot on your travel bucket list.


1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

This tourist destination is well known for its laid back cafes and red lights, but the famous Dutch capital has always been something of a pioneer in eco-friendly initiatives. Amsterdam boasts a wide variety of green options in an effort to reduce emissions, from widespread solar and wind power usage to a public transportation system consisting of electric cars and boats. Biking is also pretty common here and makes up over 50% of the city’s preferred commuting option.


2. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is already ranked in the top 5 greenest cities in the world, so that alone is a testament of the city’s concerted efforts to be an eco-tourist dream destination. The region is famously bicycle-centric and is currently one of the least polluted capitals in the world. After a day of cycling through various gardens, parks, museums, and other attractions, sample vast arrays of organic Danish dishes and rest easy at night in any of the many stylish, yet eco-friendly hotels available.


3. Malmö, Sweden

Sweden’s third-largest city easily checks off several items on the eco-friendly destination checklist. For one, it boasts the third-largest wind farm on the planet, as well as an impressive amount of green spaces and nature parks. Additionally, Malmö is home to an entirely green district, which utilizes sustainable energy and water reclamation practices, making it a completely renewable energy zone.


4. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia’s capital city takes its commitment to sustainability very seriously. It won the European Green Capital award in 2016 and has continued to make coordinated efforts towards leading the EU in its zero-waste program. Ljubljana is home to huge public green areas and a downtown center that caters only to pedestrians. The best part is that the city has set aside a 1400 hectares forest to be used as a CO2 sink. Way to go guys!


There’s no shortage of ways to traverse Europe while still being environmentally conscious, and the cities listed above are a great place to start. So what are you waiting for?

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