4 Mini-Tasks That Can Actually Save Your Life


A wise man once said, “the purpose of life is a life with purpose. So it’s better to die for a cause than live a life that is worthless”. Most people think that since life here on earth is only temporary, they prefer living their life to the fullest. By that, it means no tedious routines, no need to plan for everything, no pressure, or just say anything they want to say. If this is what you’re thinking right now because you’re already fed up with your boring life, you’re thinking wrong! These notions may be enjoyable for a while, but how about in the long run? Remember, your actions today will define your future.

So before you do these things, reflect carefully, ‘will these do any good? Are these healthy for my body, mind, and soul?’ Because if not, you’re just abusing yourself and totally ruining the life chances you have here on earth.

So what do you need to do? Well, do the things that can actually save your life.


Things that can actually save your life

To save your life is to live life with purpose. To live life with purpose, you have to have a sense of direction. And in order to have a sense of direction, you need goals. Goals that can contribute to the three aspects of life: a healthy body, mind, and soul.

But why do most people fail in reaching their goals? It’s because they simply don’t know how to reach it.

Which brings us to the next question, how can you successfully reach your goals towards a healthy body, mind, and soul? Simple: have a mini task!


Benefits of mini-tasks

Mini tasks will help you prioritize things that are needed to successfully achieve your goals. It helps you define the important activities from the unnecessary ones. It may be boring for a while, but you’ll thank these mini-tasks later when you’re finally living the life you wanted to.

Before we jump into anything big, let us first start with simple, mini tasks. And when you’ve finally accomplished these mini-tasks, you can proceed to the bigger picture.


What to expect in the lists?

4 mini-tasks that will contribute to a better body, soul, and mind.


4 Mini-Tasks That Can Actually Save Your Life

4 mini-tasks that can actually save your ‘body’

1. Sweat or exercise – we all know the benefits of these two. When we exercise, we sweat. And every time we sweat, our body releases toxins that cool down our body which prevents overheating and helps burn calories. If you can’t exercise every day, at least make a way to sweat.

2. Drink water (lots of it!) – our body is composed of 60% water. But our body loses that water every time we breathe, sweat, and urinate. This is why it’s important to drink lots of water to avoid dehydration. Also, when your body receives an ample amount of water, you will have healthier skin, digestive system, normal blood pressure, and a stabilized heartbeat.

3. Get enough sleep – we’ve all been there, not getting enough sleep. And what happens if our body doesn’t get enough sleep? We get easily tired and exhausted all day. Adults need 6-9 hours of sleep at night (old people need 7-8 hours). And if you make it a habit not to reach this required sleep, you will be a candidate for high blood pressure, stroke, heart failure, or even anxiety. Manage your time, cut down unnecessary things in order to make way for sleep.

4. Take a vacation/spend time outdoors – vacation is never a luxury and spending time outdoors is never a waste of time. Doing these are actually beneficial for improved physical health. Stress will contribute to a lot of diseases. So if you ever feel burnout, have a vacation or spend some time outdoors, and your body will thank you later.


4 mini-tasks that can actually save your ‘mind’

1. Practice words of affirmation – words of affirmation are things you say to a person in a positive manner. Some people consider this as a love language. When you practice words of affirmation, you develop a good relationship with people. And when you do, you will have fewer haters, fewer issues to people, therefore leading to a healthy mind.

2. Learn to say no – doing the things that you don’t like just to please others will never be healthy for your brain. That is why we have free will. If you don’t feel like doing it because your guts tell you no, then don’t do it! There is no harm in saying no. In fact, this is actually beneficial for both parties. Because if you do things that are against your will, the results will never be good.

3. Cut down the negativity – be an optimistic person. Our brain is the most powerful organ. What our mind conceives, our body achieves. And if we think negatively, the results will always be negative. No one lives a happy life with a negative mind.

4. Avoid comparing yourself – one of the reasons why people find it difficult to acquire peace of mind is because they kept comparing themselves to others. Doing this will make you lose your motivation and let you think that you’re never enough. So better yet improve than compare.


4 mini-tasks that can actually save your ‘soul’ (or spirit)

1. Meditate – never underestimate the power of meditation. Not only is it good for the mind and body, but it is also proven healthy for the soul. Meditation helps you release all the negativity and worries, which clears your mind, therefore allowing you to find your inner peace.

2. Act or gratitude – practice having the act of gratitude. Gratitude will give you more positive emotions that will lead you to a happier life. A happy life is a happy soul.

3. Spend time in nature – it’s good to spend time outside, but it’s even better to spend time in nature. We are all too busy in our modern world nowadays that we forgot to appreciate nature. When we connect to nature, we get an escape from all the technology, work pressure, financial issues, and social stress. So if you’re thinking of spending time in nature, now is the best time.

4. Smile more – if you will ask old people aged 80-100 years old what their secret is to a long and healthy life, they will all tell you to smile. Smile as many times as you can every day. Why? It’s because smiling releases endorphins that help you fight off stress and make you feel happy rather than being sad. So let’s all smile and be happy. And when you see someone frowning, even if you don’t know them, give them a smile too! Because you’ll never know that one smile can actually change their day. Smiling and happiness are contagious, let’s share them with others.

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