4 Questions about Wine with dropwine.co.uk

4 Questions about Wine

With Bobby Watkins
From dropwine.co.uk


1. What do you consider an AHA wine?

  • An AHA wine is, most of the time, a red wine. We will look at the Polyphenols and antioxidants here. It is good for your heart as it decreases the cardiovascular risk. Some scientists are looking at some anti-inflammatory properties too. ( red wine is recommended in some mediterranean diets).

2. How do you expand your Wine palate?

  • The best way will be to taste (and spit please) different wines, grapes, from different countries. Your palate will start building an aroma’s library in your brain and you will be much more sensitive and will be able to recognize the grapes in the wine. Read some books about the grape properties too. For aficionados , blind tasting between friends can be very helpful…and fun.

3. What is palate fatigue and how can you recover?

  • The palate fatigue starts when you taste a lot of different wines/colours during the day. Your senses become tired and less sensitive to aromas. The best way to recover will be to take a 10min break, glass of still water and bread. (bread helps “reset” your tongue where you can find all your sensoriel cells.)

4. Any advice for someone trying to learn more about wine?

  • Well, come at Drop and set up a tasting with us. Take courses at the WSET ( London Wine School). Buy a wine book and study ! Old school way.


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