Long Beach Walks: Best Therapy For Your Health

Why You Should Add Long Beach Walks To Improve Your Health

Mankind has been provided with natural resources in order to sustain excellent physical and mental health. According to scientific studies, walking along sandy beaches is proven to be therapeutic and restorative.

Walking barefoot on sand brings so many health benefits because within the sole of our feet are sensitive tissues that are connected to all the vital organs of our body according to the principle of reflexology.

The friction of the grain of sand as you step upon it gives your feet a gentle massage that soothes your body, mind and spirit. The warmth of the sunlight and the gentle waves kissing your feet create a priceless experience. No words can express the contentment felt as you walk on a long beach. Walking is free and easy, so get out and start moving… Below are the 4 best therapeutic effects of walking on the beach:


1. You’ll get Stronger.

Walking on the beach barefoot is more energy consuming, because sand has resistance factor. Every step forward, your foot sinks into the sand so it requires more strength for your foot and leg muscle to push you up and propel you forward. That intense muscle coordination in motion is an excellent strength training for your arches, ankles and legs muscles.


2. Provides healing for your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Walking barefoot on the beach is grounding. Our body absorbs electrons when we are grounded with the earth. Electrons help greatly neutralize destructive free radicals that cause dreadful diseases to the body. Once these toxic substances are neutralized, healing and restoration follows.  Cardiovascular, Nervous and Muscular systems will eventually function better. Hypertension and type 2 diabetes are prevented. Depressive symptoms, stress and anxiety disorder are managed and controlled. The sand, humidity, sunlight and the low pressure of the environment are contributing factors that heal the body and mind.


3. Adds more Beauty to your Feet.

Wet sand acts as exfoliant that helps peel dead skins from our feet. When your feet are in direct contact with the sand, unwanted skin gradually peels off from your feet. The result is softer, more supple, more attractive skin on the heels and balls of your feet


4. Long Beach Walk

Walking on sand can be beneficial and healthy but if it is done for too long or too great of a distance it might injure your lower extremities. The most common injury is to the muscle and tendons, thus you should take your time to increase your walking distance and time in the sand. A crescendo of progression will enable the muscle and tendons to be prepared to handle the increased demand when sand walking is performed. It is advised that you should limit yourself to 10 minutes for beginners before gradually progressing in order to reduce the risk of injury.


“The Sea washes away the ills of all mankind” as the saying goes.

Walking barefoot on the sand is a unique and powerful yet gentle exercise. This is a scientifically proven exercise that heals the Mind, Body and Spirit. Numerous studies outline how walking on the beach provides a relaxing, rejuvenating and revitalizing experience.

The calming and soothing effects of the sand, waves and the heat of the sun increases an individual’s balance between the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous system. It means healing and restoration, and overall well-being.

Walking on the beach is amongst the most relaxing and enjoyable exercises you can do in life. It is cheap, effective and most importantly good for your body and soul.

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