Making Space for Growth

Making Space For Growth by 4steps4

Growth. Personal growth, career growth, and spiritual growth. All in all, growth is important. Growing is a part of life. In order to become a better version of ourselves, we must grow in every aspect of our lives. We must always strive for growth.

However, if you want to grow, you must create a space for growing. It’s like planting on a farm, you must harvest the fruits first before you start growing new ones. In life, in order to move forward, we must walk away from the past.

That includes letting go. However, letting go does not necessarily mean forgetting where you came from, it means acceptance and courage. Courage to stop holding on to things that are not meant for you, and accepting that not everything will help you grow.

As life happens, there’s a possibility of getting lost. When we get lost, we may find it hard to reach the right paths for us. When we stumbled upon the wrong path, everything that we worked hard for will be for nothing.

This will further hinder our growth. To avoid this, we must know what needs to be the focus on and to set our eyes directly on that.

How do we make a room for us to grow?


– Know yourself

The beauty of knowing yourself is being aware of what you can and cannot do. Judgment and criticism will be much easier to handle when you have a deeper knowledge of who you are. If there’s a part of you that you want to change, it is so much easier to pinpoint. With that, you will be able to have room for growth.


– Let go of the past

Again, letting go of the past does not mean that you are going to forget where you came from, the only thing that you have to do is to know that your past can be one of the reasons why you are not growing.

If you are going to use your past in your personal growth, use it wisely. Use your past mistakes as learning, all the lessons that it taught you, take them with you as go through the new chapter of your life. Once you accepted your past you will be able to know which one to take out, and you will be able to create a new space for growth.


– Work on yourself

Think of all the aspects in your life that need growth. Once you are able to pinpoint them, work on that. Think of all the ways that you need to do in order to grow. Take the first step. Do not hesitate. You may stumble upon some obstacles along the way but never give up. Just keep on moving forward.

Whatever pain you might encounter, how many tears you might have shed, know that it’s all part of your journey. It’s all part of growing. And growing sometimes means getting hurt. The important thing is to never stop striving for growth.


– Meet new people

All of us have stories to share. All have lessons to share. And all have something that can inspire each other. This is why it is always great to meet new people. People that you may learn something new from. People that might teach you an important lesson that people around might not be teaching you yet. Opening up yourself to new people would help you to become more open-minded.

Open mind, open heart.


– Take risks

You’ll never learn if you never try. Get out of your comfort zone. You will never know how many wonders it can do to your life. Experience life as you go along the journey of growth. Life is too short to be just stuck in a single place at all times.

Open yourself up to new experiences. Life has so much to offer. Never be afraid to try what life has for you.

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