How to Ditch Bad Energy

How to Ditch Bad Energy by 4steps4

Energy is contagious. You may not know, but it affects our overall mood, personality, attitude and even health. How? If you have negative and bad energy, you experience mood swings. If you have bad energy, your personality is at its worst. If you have negative energy, your attitude negatively changes as well. And if you have bad energy, you become unproductive and lazy, which can badly affect your health in many ways.

So if you’re looking for advice on how to ditch that bad energy of yours, this article will give you useful and healthy ways.


How to ditch bad energy


Get rid of negativity and toxicity

Of course if you want to ditch the bad energy, you have to remove all the negative vibes around you, and this includes people too. Imagine yourself surrounded with people who talk nonsense, have a negative mindset, and are always complaining. They will eat all your positive energy, until what’s left inside of you is dark and heavy energy.

But negative people are not your only cause of worry, your way of thinking too. In life, you will encounter battles and hardships. Wishes may not appear as you thought it would, and promises may be left broken. So turn your negative thinking into positive, and always equip your life with optimistic people to surely give you positive energy.


Do meditation and stay calm

Meditation has been proven to have various positive effects on the mind and body. It is one of the good calming techniques that can help manage your stress and reduce negative emotions. Consistently meditating will increase your patience and tolerance, therefore making it smoother to solve difficulties and easier to handle life’s shortcomings.

When you master the art of meditation, you will always stay calm even in distress circumstances. You will then have the ability to not take things personally and not overreact to situations. All of these will keep your heart at peace and your mind clear. In addition, your words and actions won’t hurt other people’s feelings too.


Be tidy and clean

Messy surrounding, unfinished chores and unsubmitted tasks will assuredly give you a negative energy. Psychologists say that sleeping in a room with clean surroundings and fragrant smell can help you sleep better because of the positive energy. So if you want to ditch the bad energy, you have to declutter, start organizing and practice the habit of tidiness. Doing so will also transform you to a more responsible individual. And a bonus point, you won’t have to worry about friends coming over and seeing your house all smelly and dirty.


Stop whining and complaining

Do you know someone who keeps whining and complaining instead of solving their problems? Stay away from these kinds of people. And if you’re like this, change yourself as soon as you can. Because this personality is complete nonsense! You will just escalate the problem and affect the people around you. Be the solution, not the problem.

Moreover, people will stay away from you because clearly, no one wants to be with someone who is a whiner. You will end up being alone and neglected. So if you don’t want this to happen to your life, instead of being a whiner, be a person who brings positive energy towards others.


Go outside and explore nature

Staying inside your room or your office everyday can bring bad energy too. Yes I know you have to work and rest, but you have to go outside and explore nature too. If you do this, you won’t feel isolated, bored and easily burnout. Additionally, if you’re feeling stressed out, now is the best time to explore. Spending time in nature will help you think clearer because you will think outside the box, beyond your comfort zone, resulting in more creative and better mental capacity.


Always be grateful

Remember what I have mentioned earlier that you will encounter hardships in life? No matter what you feel and experience, always be grateful. Even if people treat you worse and life knocks you down plenty of times, still be thankful because there are plenty of reasons to be. But perhaps the major reason for you to be grateful is that you woke up alive today. Not everybody is given the chance to live another day. And for that, you should feel extremely blessed. Remember to always count your blessings because life is beautiful.

Also, be grateful for people who have helped you in times that you needed support. Never forget them even if they were not able to help you the second time around. Return them the favor, help them back, give them gifts, make them happy and remember their special days.


Be helpful

Being a grateful person, you will eventually become a helpful individual. If you have a chance to help others, help them. You’ll never know how much your help would really mean to them. They may be on the verge of giving up, but since you helped them, they become stronger. And that is called the ‘ripple effect’ – the part where you made one little change that started to affect a person’s life. Do good and good energy will come to you the least you expect it.


Take proper responsibility of your actions

One difficult part of being an adult, you have to make decisions in life. What’s more stressful is making major decisions, and the most stressful, accepting the consequences of your decisions. Don’t be like a person who puts the blame to others. Rather be a strong person who accepts hard times and downfall. People will give you advice, yes. But only you have the willpower to do it. So what’s the point of having the energy to play as the ‘victim mode’? Ditch that mindset and start being a responsible human being.


Have fun and laugh more

To effectively ditch bad energy, you have to laugh more. Well, not in the crazy type, but the positive type. People who laugh and smile more tend to live longer than those who don’t, because they develop healthier physical and emotional changes. Honestly, it is difficult to do this if you can’t find the reason to smile or laugh. So it would be best advised to find your fun and do it! What’s the use of life if you’re not having fun? Just don’t do anything reckless that can harm yourself or others.

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